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OrganiGuard - This DEET free Cedar Oil based product not only smells wonderful, it really works.

The aroma of Cedar Oil in OrganiGuard to an insect is the same as ammonia to a human. They can easily be overcome. The final result, death.

The aroma fumes from all natural OrganiGuard rise upward into the air. Remember, if you can smell it 10 feet off the ground, so can the insects. That's why it creates an invisible barrier that keeps insects where you want them; away from you!

Natural pesticides have been in use for many years. Numerous recipes for pest control are promoted or endorsed by renowned garden experts all over the country. The concept of pest control is the same no matter what you're using. All insects breathe through their bodies, therefore the scent or residue of organic or chemical based pesticides are absorbed directly into the body effecting the insects neurological or biological systems, causing paralysis, confusion, death, or flight response (they will flee the agent in question). The survival of the insect relates directly to its exposure to the foreign substance.

The use of chemical pesticides will destroy the microorganisms in soil resulting in unhealthy foliage that is susceptible to insects.


The ultimate in personal relief from Mosquitos, Fleas, Flies, Ticks, Chiggers, No-See-Ums,Gnats and many others.

A light misting application of this Cedar Oil Solution will provide all day protection from biting insects.

It will not sweat off like DEET products or other natural insect repellents.

Organiguard can be used on children of all ages and animals of any kind. It can be applied directly to the skin or over clothing. It is clear and non staining and will leave the skin with a clean smooth and refreshed feeling not found with aerosol repellents

100% Organic , Non toxic, child and pet safe.

Concentrated solution will last a long time. Can be diluted for use in sprayers for yard application.

OrganiGuard can be sprayed on the grass in your yard for up to a week of biting insect free enjoyment. It is also excellent sprayed directly on the skin like other repellents.

Repels all scent based biting insects like mosquito's, ticks, fleas, chiggers, head lice, bed bugs and black flies.

Sprayed on water or grass this product will kill mosquito larvae .

This Product will also works on Fleas, lice and bed bugs, Repelling adults and killing eggs and larvae.

Used extensivly by the hotel industry to kill and control bed bugs.

Excellent for use on Pets - Repels ticks and fleas as well. Kills fleas on contact.

Excellent for use on Horses (they even smell better )

Proven Scorpion repellent for Southern US areas.


OrganiGuard Prices
4 ounce Spray (skin spray)

OrganiGuard for Animals
Very popular for use on horses, barns, Rodeo grounds and training areas. Also great for use on Dogs. Spray directly onto animal for protection from flies, mosquitos, fleas and ticks.

4 litre / 1 US Gallon - Vet's choice Professional Grade Concentrate . Will treat several horses all season long. Makes many gallons of diluted spray for regular use on animlas and in barns.

OrganiYard - Entire yard treatment
With this product you treat your entire yard and it will repell and or destroy mosquitos, ticks and biting flies for up to a week at a time. Simply add 2-4 ounces of concentrate to 20 gallons of water and spray on your grass and trees with a garden sprayer or hose sprayer. Totally Organic, non toxic and chemical free

1 US gallon Professional Concentrate


Price does not include applicable taxes or GST.


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