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Mistaya Land & Water Corp Organic Program

We offer some of the most cutting edge yet simple natural based organic products on the market today.

All of our products work well and are derived from totally natural materials to insure 100% organic certification.

These products are completely safe and non toxic, no need to be concerned about pets or children when using them.

Is your lawn making you Sick ?

In a word ..Yes . Traditional lawn care is making people sick.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 80 million U.S. households dump nearly 90 million pounds of herbicides and pesticides on lawns in a year. In fact, lawn care is as much of a danger to our health and the environment as conventional agriculture is.

It also Estimated that The typical American lawn sucks up 10,000 gallons of supplemental water (non-rainwater) annually. Canada is no different.

Most of these issues can be traced back to the extensive use of sod (Blue Grasses) with it's short root system and voracious need for fertilizers and herbicides

...Eco Grass does not have these high maintenance requirements and makes a superb lawn.

If you are starting a new lawn or need your old replaced consider using one of our many blends of low maintenance lawns or Eco grasses.


Organic Products Quick Veiw


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Mosquito Repellant

This DEET free Cedar Oil based product not only smells wonderful, it really works. 100% Organic , Non toxic, child and pet safe. Concentrated solution will last a long time. Can be diluted for use in sprayers for yard application.

OrganiGuard can be sprayed on the grass in your yard for up to a week of biting insect free enjoyment. It is also excellent sprayed directly on the skin like other repellents. Repels all scent based biting insects like mosquito's ,ticks, fleas and black flies. Sprayed on water or grass this product will kill mosquito larvae .

This Product will also work on lice and bed bugs, Repelling adults and killing eggs and larvae.

Excellent for use on Pets - repels ticks and fleas as well.

Excellent for use on Horses (they even smell better )

Proven Scorpion repellent for Southern US areas.


Clay Doctor Soil Modifier
- Cutting Edge Soil Science

This process requires specialized knowledge and costly, complex application equipment, it is NOT a product in a bag or bottle a homeowner can apply themselves.

There are soil treatment products like gypsum that a homeowner can apply themselves, but they take 2 to 3 years to work and only treat the surface area. If you want results quickly a Clay Doctor treatment is the best option and works with a few days after application.
We can do treatments to residential lawns & gardens, commercial lawns, parks and rec areas as well as specialized sports playing fields and golf courses. In some cases we can also do agricultural plots, orchards and pastures.

Commercial lawns and Parks often have degraded lawns due to soil compaction, this is a huge problem when clay soils are used for the substrate of these lawns. After years of people walking on these lawns the soil becomes compacted to consistency of concrete. Once this happens, the grass will no longer thrive and go rapidly into decline. The water holding capacity of this soil is extremely poor, with most rainfall and irrigation simply running off. When hot weather hits, the soil dries out within a day or so and the lawn goes dormant. After treatment with soil modifier, the compaction is almost instantly relieved and the absorption potential of the soil increases to the point where it can hold onto moisture for weeks instead of days.

This process requires specialized knowledge and costly, complex application equipment, it is NOT a product in a bag or bottle a homeowner can apply themselves.

A natural ingredient based product that does many things for your soil. It will reduce surface tension in the soil particles that can drastically increase water permeability and retention. If your soil was dry before, after you treat it with soil Softener it will not only absorb more water, but will also drain more effectively as well.

This product will complete take the place of old style mechanical aerating (which really is not that effective) . The natural aeration process reinstated by Soil Softener yields fast and visible results within days of application.

The other huge benefit is that Soil Softener contains active microbes and enzymes often missing from older tired soil. Soil with out biological activity is often quite infertile and will only get worse as time goes by. After a treatment with Soil Softener, your lawn or garden soil will be reinvigorated with microbial action once again.

Also contains over 100 micro nutrients required by lawns and plants for added benefit. Increases disease resistance.

"Growing Naturally"

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