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North America's Top Choice for Mosquito, Tick And Flea Repellent For Grassy Areas;Yards, Parks, Athletic Fields And Golf Courses.

Actual Testimonials from satisfied users of Mosquito Barrier

Mr. Jeff Ritz
Mosquito Control Office
Environmental Conservation District
City of Stratford, CT

I am the Mosquito Control Officer for the Town of Stratford, CT (Pop. 49,389). The town is located along the Housatonic River and Long Island Sound. There are a great many salt water marshes within our borders.

This Spring our Town Manager asked us to investigate a newly patented product, Mosquito Barrier. The manufacturer sent us a gallon for testing. I was shocked at its effectiveness. After spraying it, our town employees at the Water Control Plant are now able to work outdoors in T-shirts. Spectators can watch our local softball team and not have to fend off mosquitoes with cans of Raid or use Off. Children at Sterling House Daycare Center do not complain about mosquito bites. I used to receive from 5-7 calls a day from residents complaining of mosquitoes, now my calls are down to none or one a day. I feel like the Maytag repairman. We are able to get these results without the introduction of any chemicals into the environment. Needless to say we are expanding our use of Mosquito Barrier in our town.

Jeff Ritz, Mosquito Control Officer
City of Stratford, CT


"Wow!! This product is a miracle. I live in Bay St. Louis, and since Hurricane Katrina my family has been practically eaten alive by mosquitoes and infested with sand fleas. My father found your product while surfing the web and we partnered in the purchase. After the first application the pests were none existent. My property has a natural ditch that is clogged with debris and fallen trees. You could see all the mosquito larvae in the standing water that is until I sprayed your product. I work at the local casino and have pitched your product to be used on our golf course and surrounding property. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks so much for this product. I am a believer."

Gus Aime
Director of Security

Hollywood Casino, Bay St. Louis, Ms.


Royd Haber
Bowden, Alberta

"We have a serious mosquito problem on our acreage, you could not go out into the yard at all in the evening. Summer is too short around here to miss nice days so I ordered a litre bottle of Mosquito Barrier from Purewest to see if it really worked.

I sprayed it on the grass and plants in our 2 acre yard and by the next day we have not seen any mosquitoes since spraying. Even with all the rain it seems to work great. We are now out in the yard without any smelly repellent on us. Our grand kids can play outside all day with out any bites. I have to say it's an amazing product, we've never had a mosquito free summer in 18 years of living here, thanks to your product we can finally say we are mosquito free in Alberta !


Laurence M. Murphy
Purchasing Agent
Rockingham Park "New England's First and Finest Track"
Horse Race Track

Salem, New Hampshire

"My name is Laurence Murphy, Purchasing Agent for Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire. I was trying to locate a mosquito spray that could be used around humans and livestock. I was very unsuccessful. I was informed of a product called Mosquito Barrier and I purchased a small amount which I used for our thoroughbred racing season (from June thru October). Rockingham Park has a pond located in its infield of still water and 7/8th of a mile turf track which is watered daily and a mile dirt track which is also watered daily. We sprayed the garlic product and I can honestly say that we at Rockingham Park had no mosquito problem at all last season."


Steve Naylor
Blue Moon Farm

Lafayette, Tennessee

"...the real excitement of using Mosquito Barrier came from the use of it around the back patio. We enjoy sitting on the patio late in the evening but couldn't because of the mosquitoes. Now we can sit out there and do and love it."


Jerry Taylor, Badlands
White River KOA (Kampgrounds of America)

Interior, South Dakota

"After having applied several gallons of Mosquito Barrier to our 31 acre campground, I am pleased to report excellent results on our previously voracious mosquito population. All we have to do to verify that the mosquitoes are indeed still in season is to walk along the White River, which is adjacent to our property, and therefore not sprayed. They are still there, and in droves, while being virtually eliminated here."


"I wanted to let you know that I have been using Mosquito Barrier for two summers now and it is the most wonderful product on the market. There seems to be nothing that can control mosquito's here in Florida but, your product actually WORKS. We have been able to enjoy the wonderful outdoors without being bothered by insect bites. I have told everyone about how great it is and we could never live without it now."

Thank you,

Sally P.
Tampa, Florida



Penni J. Labute
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

"My family and I live on an acre of lake front property...creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have lived here for over eight years and have tried everything to combat these pest insects without success - until we used your garlic extract product. It is truly incredible. Where we once were swarmed by mosquitoes at sunset we can now remain on our beach and enjoy the evening with our family. (I believe it has also discouraged the Canada geese that used to descend on our property and leave behind signs of their visit). Thank you."


Mildred Jefferies
Balch Springs, Texas

"...Last year we had a major mosquito problem and sprayed our lawn, shrubs, trees and got rid of the mosquitoes and did it again this year. We sprayed around a 400 unit apartment complex which back up to our property and received over 70 phone calls from the tenants thanking us for this. They are now able to go out in their yard without the problem of mosquitoes."


Each quart covers 1.25 acres,which is usually enough for a couple applications on smaller
residential properties.
Gallon sizes are best for homes on
a half acre for the entire season.
One gallon covers 5 acres.

Mix 3 ozs of Mosquito Barrier with 1 gallon of water in garden sprayers

One Quart - 34.99 plus S&H
One Gallon - 96.00 plus S&H


OrganiGuard Mosquito Repellent - Spray for your Skin
For an organic mosquito spray that can be applied on your skin ask us about cedar oil based OrganiGuard. This product is light years ahead of those poor cironella based formulas that have been around for many years. This product works very well. Our family has been using it for 2 years for our Landscape Services company with great sucess. Click here


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