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Eco Grass

Little or No
Mowing Maintainence

Drought Tolerant

Disease & Pest Resistant

Reduces Weed Infestations

Requires little if any watering
or fertilizing,

Requires a lot less water than typical sod grasses

Fantastic on steep hillsides,
septic fields and sub division boulevards

Salt tolerant
(ideal for areas near streets where winter ice control salting spreading occurs)

Ideal for larger acreages where maintenance time is an issue.

We can hydro seed or mechanically seed this blend.

Hate you old ugly, tired or weed infested lawn....

We can also "oversow" existing lawns with our top dresser, the new more vigorous and aggressive Eco grass will replace the older grass

Thrives in full sun or partial shade

NEW - Eco Grass Sod
sold with installation only,
no sales of sod pieces.

We now also install Eco Grass Sod, however this sod is not the same grass blend as our super hardy Eco grass lawn blend.

The Eco Grass sod blend is hybrid mixture sod with a larger portion of kentucky blue grass blended with fine fescues . It is not a true low mow blend but does require a lot less water and care than standard KBG sod but not as hardy as the Pure Eco Grass blend we seed and hydroseed.

The mixture of KBG and Fescues is necessary as a satisfactory pure fescue sod is not possible to produce and cut due to the deep root systems fescues have.

What is Eco Grass?

Eco-Friendly Low Mow or No Mow
Grass Blend

The ultimate low maintenance lawn

Specially Blended for the lowest maintenance and easy on the environment

repaired lawn after renovation

bad lawn

Lawn Before                              Lawn 2 weeks after

This low maintenance "No Mow" turf mix primarily contains 6 types of rugged and fine fescue seeds and some hardy native short grasses, with no fussy, high maintenance water loving blue grasses

For some people it may be appealing that with an Eco-Lawn you will spend less time mowing your lawn - once a month rather than weekly.

An Eco-Grass lawn is the ultimate low maintenance lawn. This specially designed blend of six or more fine fescue grasses, grows to form a dense turf on loam, well drained clay and even in infertile, dry soils!

Eco-Lawn thrives in full sun, part shade and even in deep shade conditions!

Eco-Lawn reduces your maintenance time and costs . . . with Eco-Lawn you don't have to mow, water, fertilize or aerate . . . saving you time and money and helping to create a healthier environment

Reduce your mowing time or don't mow at all!

Eco-Lawn while quick to germinate, is a very slow growing grass that has a fine textured, dense, low-growing habit, so you don't have to mow it if you don't want to! Left unmown, over the course of a full growing season, Eco-Lawn's grass blades will grow to about 9 inches long, but because the blades of Eco-Lawn are so fine, it falls over to about a 4 inch height creating Eco-Lawn's gentle, flowing carpet-like appearance. If you prefer a more 'cropped lawn look', occasional mowing will be necessary. Mow Eco-Lawn no more than once a month to a height of 3 to 4 inches for a classic lawn look.

Drought Tolerant

Eco-Lawn produces grass blades that are very thin and thus don't require the amount of water that typical, thick bladed lawn grasses demand. Eco-Lawn also creates roots that grow deep into the ground, so Eco-Lawn can seek out needed nutrients and water naturally, thus eliminating the need for watering. Eco-Lawn is perfect for areas where water conservation is important and is excellent for establishing new lawns, erosion buffers and bank stabilization.

No fertilizers or chemicals required!

Eco-Lawn, unlike traditional turf grasses, creates a deep root system. It will make roots up to 9 inches (22.86 cm) deep in hard pan clay soils and up to 14 inches (35.56 cm) deep in sandy soils! These deep root systems enable Eco-Lawn to naturally source the nutrients it requires from the soil so you don't need to add chemical fertilizers!


For new lawns or fix your old existing worn out lawn

This product can be hydroseeded (hydro seeded) or mechanically seeded or oversown (overseeded), no till drill seeded or by top dressing with an organic fertilzer-compost-grass seed mixture.

When this is done with existing lawns the new more aggressive eco lawn fescues will gradually replace the current lawn and change the grass type over to eco grass. This is particularly effective for older worn out lawns and can usually be done in a single treatment which repairs soil problems and replaces the old lawn.

Mistaya Land offers all of these services. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we offer you various options to best service your lawn or turf requirements

Custom Blended Eco Grass Variations

This product can be custom blended for slight variations such as addition of specific native grasses or blended for use in warmer climates outside of zones on the map below.

Please inquire for your unique needs or application .

New : Eco Grass Sod now available for installation. We are a service company and do not sell Eco Grass Sod or seed for do it yourself installations.

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