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We are no longer selling do-it-yourself Dog Spot Eliminator (DSE) ,
but still offer the professional repair program.

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There are details below on the reason we are selling DSE direct at this time

There are many products on the market claiming to fix dog spots. In fact we used to sell one of our special blended products direct to homeowners (DSE).  Due to the fact that we are correcting 2 types of built up soil toxicity, dealing with dead thatch and roots plus replacing the grass in the dead zones, what we found was that the process was too involved and specialized for most homeowners to have good success with and as a result we no longer offer the product for DIY.

Home dog spot repair kits end with mismatched textures, colours and a strange looking patchwork lawn. Our complete process results in much better, even looking lawn afterwards PLUS the grass species will be changed over to a fescue blended lawn if desired.

You can try and fix the spots yourself with some of the products available in stores, however don't be surprised if it does not work very well. Most of the products contain a calcium compound that is not very soluble. It can take weeks or months to work and remove the toxicity. In that time period the grass still cannot grow. Mistaya Land can always fix the lawn afterwards if your initial experimental repairs fail. Our process works within hours and as a result we can apply grass seed and get it growing quickly.

We feel we need to do the evaluation and application professionally to insure good results. Often times the issue with dog damage is compounded by our clay soils here in Alberta which can work against store bought dog damage repair kits.

Our process treats both the problem spots and the entire sub surface UNDER the lawn.

Maintenance after the repair is simple, just use our liquid dog spot treatment or sprinkle some of our organic Dog Spot Remover over the areas your dog uses regularly (weekly, biweekly or monthly) and then just water the area with your hose to dilute and wash away the neutralized salt.

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