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Eco Grass

Little or No
Mowing Maintenance

Drought Tolerant

Disease & Pest Resistant

Reduces Weed Infestations

Requires little if any watering
or fertilizing,

Requires a lot less water than typical sod grasses

Fantastic on steep hillsides,
septic fields and sub division boulevards

Salt tolerant
(ideal for areas near streets where winter ice control salting spreading occurs)

Ideal for larger acreages where maintenance time is an issue.

We can hydro seed or mechanically seed this blend.

Hate you old ugly, tired or weed infested lawn....

We can also "oversow" existing lawns with our top dresser, the new more vigorous and aggressive Eco grass will replace the older grass

Thrives in full sun or partial shade

How to fix or Amend the poor soil in your lawn and Garden

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Also includes a section on Dog urine damaged lawns.
This section gives advice on how to fix it or have our company
and quickly replace your existing damaged lawn without
complete soil removal and sod replacement.

Eco Grass- The ultimate low maintenance lawn

Start repairing your old lawn by fixing the soil problems

In Alberta and the rest of the prairie provinces we all have problematic clay based soil.

I have found in the many years of doing landscape work in both Alberta and Saskatchewan there is literally no area that does not have this clay soil problem.

Clay based soil is lumpy, sticky and does not drain well. It also has another problem less obvious, in that it has a high sodium or salt content. Salt is the compound that makes clay bind and produce lumps. It is also not great for fertility, yet it does contain all the nutrients most plants need, often in abundance.

The problem with clay soils are that the sodium compounds it contains binds (chemically) the other nutrients in a form that is not accessible to the plants, so it appears to be low in nutrient value.

If your lawn and garden are not doing well, it may be because of the high content of clay in your top soil. However this can fixed dramatically with a little effort and expense using our cutting edge soil modifier, Clay Doctor.

Mistaya Land and Water has a Clay Doctor program for your lawn or garden using safe soil science products that can within a day start to condition your soil back to a softer, more porous soil that holds and drains water better and the salt content is reduced. Another plus is that it will release it's nutrient content better due to increased porosity and the reduction of sodium (salt).

Clay Doctor : In my opinion, there is not a lawn or garden in Western Canada that could not benefit from an application of the marvelous product. This product works at the ionic level stripping electrical charges from binding elements in the clay like sodium. Once the Clay Doctor has released these electrical binding charges the clay basically falls apart and changes into something more like a loamy soil

Now water can penetrate deeper, bound up nutrients not available before in the clay are freed up and available to the plants and roots can grow deeper.

Organic Soil Amendment Program

We have a program for both gardens and lawns. Our program is not very expensive

Simply put, our program starts with the application of the following products:

Clay Doctor - The treatment will reduce the binding sodium content through a chemical transfer process and the sodium portion will become solvent and wash out. This process will also break down the ionic binding agents in the clay that make it stick and will unbind the nutrients so the plants can absorb them.

Overall this is a miracle product for fixing clay soil, the results are very evident in a short time.

Often one treatment will suffice but it can be applied every few years if required.

TerraForm Soil Softner This will naturally aerate or "flocculate" the soil and reduce the surface tension of the soil particles so water can flow freely and deeper into it. Another important feature of Soil Softener is that it adds enzymes and bio-organisms that keep soil in top condition. without these organisms soil becomes organically "dead" and therefore the plants in it will not thrive.

Consider the metaphor of "active culture" in yogurt, your digestive system uses symbiotic organisms like bacteria to help digest and extract nutrients from food we consume.

Regularly refreshing or adding new healthy cultures of these organisms found in yogurt into your digestive system keeps it functioning well...soil is similar in that with out a healthy population of these microorganisms, soil becomes less and less productive. Soil Softener will revitalize your lawn or garden in this way.

Can be applied yearly or more frequently if desired

Dog Spot Remover This is a miracle product , it is the only product I have used that works as advertised. Mistaya Land and Water can fix severely damaged lawns that look like they are beyond repair.

The damage is done by salt in the urine and excess nitrogen from ammonia.
The salt builds up in spots and cannot be washed away, once the concentration reaches a certain point the soil can no longer support plant life. The excess nitrogen can actually "burn" the grass.

Dog Spot Remover uses a combination of cutting edge ionic transfer catalysts and natural minerals that will break down the sodium chloride (salt) ions binding the fine clay particles (micelles) causing them to release and relax within days. This softens the soil and makes it much more like loam. Now the sodium and excess toxic nitrogen salt is dispersed. The toxic parts can now be washed away with watering and the soil is ready to support grass again.

Grass must be replanted at this stage as it has been killed in the urine spots.

Once we have treated the spots or the entire yard to remove the salt, excess nitrogen and other toxins the next step of our our program involves adding the organic soil amendments and laying a new layer of top soil/compost with eco grass seed mixed in.

We can lay this right over the existing damaged grass without digging up the old lawn using our liquid soil top dressing machine. In about 2-3 weeks your lawn will start to look like a brand new lawn. within a year the old lawn will be replaced by the more aggressive native species based eco grass .

Eco Grass is naturally much more salt tolerant than sod based lawns (blue grass), which means your new lawn will not be as susceptible to dog spots ever again.

To maintain the repaired lawn and prevent the dead spots from returning, you just need to sprinkle a cup or two of some granular Dog Spot Remover or use our new liquid dog spot product regularly where your dog visits over the summer and even winter in the places your dog frequents the most .


Read more about our Dog Damaged Lawn program here


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